Welcome to Bella Botanica Flower School

My workshops are for you if:

● You struggle to create natural, airy designs with movement.

● You can't figure out which mechanics to use instead of floral foam.

● You overspend on flowers as you are not sure how to order properly.

● You have problems making a profit on each of your designs.

It is time to feel confident in yourself, elevate your design skills and learn to create breathtaking floral designs, without the use of floral foam.

These beautiful floral installations will create that wow factor for your weddings and events. My three courses are the complete package to propel your business to the next level.

My courses include:

● Step-by-step video tutorials

● Detailed floral recipes

● Pricing best practice

● On-demand access

● Essential lists of tools and mechanics to create stunning designs without using floral foam

● PDFs of course content

These workshops are for first-timers or established floral designers / florists.

Sylvia Abraham | Owner & Creative Director of Bella Botanica

Hi there, my name is Sylvia and I was once where you are! I had the same burning desire to grow my floral design business and become confident and skilled to create large beautiful designs for weddings & events. I invested my time and my money in many floral design workshops.

The workshops were amazing but the one thing that quite often wasn't in alignment with my business, was the use of floral foam. As Bella Botanica grew into a recognised floral design company, I wanted to share my knowledge and core belief of sustainable design with business owners like yourself.

The world of floral design can be a lonely and guarded place and I wanted to provide an encouraging and supportive space for designers to curate their creativity.

So Bella Botanica Flower School was born. It is the first flower school in Ireland to teach wedding & event floral design using sustainable mechanics, without the use of floral foam.

I hope you enjoy my online workshops from wherever you are in the world.

I am married to Darren and we have three gorgeous teenagers, Jamie, Sophia and Isabella. I also have two Jack Russells called Maggie and Harley.

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